A Weekend in Rest

After a week of being sick and feeling extremely weak I figured it would be best to lay low and regain some of that healthy energy. So much of this weekend was just resting, but I did make sure to head out to the gym on Saturday to push myself a little seeing how I had been recovering and napping on the couch for a week.

Saturday was my second time at the gym without Alannah. At first I was worried that I would be intimidated faced with having to remember my form, push myself for the last couple reps, etc. but when it came down to it, it was all actually a heck of a lot of fun. Showing up when I want to and keeping to my own schedule is kind of an amazing thing, so I am going to ride off of this self-motivation for as long as I can and worry about possible roadblocks when/if they present themselves.

After the gym it was time for some shopping. After my most recent closet purge I am in serious need of pants and tops. Unfortunately I had some troubles finding some basic building pieces. Although it is exciting to have lost weight it can get a little frustrating trying to figure out what your size is again. Even though I was a bit frustrated I was lucky enough to find a couple nice pieces that will last me a while. Now if anyone has hints as to where I can get a nice pair of black jeans I am all ears!


We finished the weekend off by being a part of a very special little guys birthday. My good friends Monika and Kris were proud parents Sunday and put on a heck of a one year old’s birthday party! It is so crazy to think that a year has already passed since he came into the world and it has been amazing to see him grow and turn into the little guy he is now. And I mean treating yourself with some cake never hurts.  There was an amazing cake provided courtesy of Sprinkle of Crumbs.

After the birthday it was back home for some resting to get ready for a hectic week after so much time away from the office. All in all it was a pretty great weekend.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Rest

  1. Awww… Thanks for the awesome words! It was great to have you at his birthday party! A year ago (yesterday)…you held him for the first time!
    Glad you were able to make it this wknd 🙂

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