Running App In Review

So some time back I had downloaded the Zombie Run app since then I hadn’t gotten around to testing it out, seeing how shortly afterwards I had bought myself a GPS watch I was more excited about running light than I was about lugging around my iPhone to test out a new app.

But this past weekend due to my nano being dead I decided that I would test out the Zombie Run app. I laced up, set my watch and got ready to head out the door, I turned on my app and started my warm up. The Zombie Run app is a narrative and each of your runs is a mission where you pick up supplies and bring them back to the camp to keep the remaining humans happy, healthy and protected. The app also has the option of turning on zombie chase mode, which basically gets you to do some speed intervals throughout your run, so that you can outrun the zombies.

Before I get into the negatives of this app (I was not a fan) I will highlight some of the positives because I am sure there are many who will love this app and find it very motivating/ distracting for their run.
zombie CollageSo some of the positives, the zombie chase mode is actually pretty awesome. Sometimes it can be challenging to make sure you are doing speed bursts regularly enough or pushing yourself hard enough. With this app it decides for how long and how much you have to increase your speed, and because it is built into the game you don’t really have to think about it, and you still get the benefits.

The second thing I think is great is that you can put it on indoor mode. There are days when we are stuck inside on a treadmill and it is nice to have something that you can record your workout with and to have something to keep you amused while running on said treadmill. So that would be a double bonus in my books, anything to keep your mind off the fact that you are running in one spot is a huge plus in my book.

Lastly, I can see how the game component of this app would be a motivator for individuals to get out and run. In order to keep your compound safe you have to go on runs to collect supplies, you have to push yourself to outrun zombies or they will take your supplies and your hard work will be all for none. So making it a bit more interactive and game like definitely brings this running app to the next level.

Now for what made me seriously dislike this app. I am not sure if it was because it was my first run with it or what, but it felt like the story would never end. I get that the story needs ti be set up but my goodness, all I kept thinking was “when is my music going to kick in?” “is this air traffic control lady ever going to stop talking?” For me personally when running I am motivated by two things either silence or my music, some lady talking about a helicopter going down isn’t my idea of a running motivator. It was this chatter that made me turn off the app and I will probably never use it again.

The second thing I had an issue with is the price. Yes, I did get it on sale but the full price is around $8, which I think is asking too much for what the app provides you with. So if this app sounds like the app for you, or you need the additional motivation of a mission, I would recommend testing out the Nike mission (if you have a shoe chip, watch, fuelband or Nike+ app – I am not sure it will work if you don’t have any Nike products), it sets out goals and missions for your running. But if you love zombies, narrative and don’t mind paying the $8 go ahead and test out the app for yourself you might love it.
Nike MissionSorry to spend so much time on it, but with so many running apps, plans, schedules and other motivating tools I felt like a good rundown of this pretty expensive app was needed. I think in the future I will stick with my watch, and if something were ever to happen to my watch I would revert back to RunKeeper or iMapMyRun apps. They are more basic, but that seems to be what I like.

What tools do you use to get your running?


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