Weekend Easter Edition

This past weekend  we had some extra time so my husband and I decided it would be a great opportunity to head to Toronto to see some friends. Leaving right after work Thursday we arrived early and were still able to hang out with our hosts and give them their Easter baskets.

Easter Drive

I figured I should take advantage of Toronto being a much warmer city than Ottawa I decided to tackle my long slow run Friday morning. Rarely having the opportunity to run in a new city it is always so much fun to lace up and hit the pavement to see what is around.  It somehow always makes the run go bye so incredibly fast because everything is something new to see. The only downfall of the bigger was there way more interference with my Nike+ sports watch and it took about 2 km for it to finally pick up a signal. So besides that minor blip on my run everything went well and I was able to get in a nice 8 km loop before we started the day. 

After my run Friday we had a quick bite to eat to tide us over for our 7 km walk to meet some friends for lunch at C’est What.  The service maybe wasn’t the most awesome out there, but the food was amazing and our waitress was sweet so it made up for anything that was lacking.  After lunch we had all decided that it was so beautiful outside that we should attempt to find a patio somewhere to keep the hang out going.  After chasing the sun for a couple of hours we all decided it was time to go home to begin preparing for the evening. FriendsCollage

That evening, our wonderful hosts taking into consideration my eating habits and all of my dietary restrictions made us an amazing meal of avocado chicken, quinoa and steamed broccoli.  The meal literally couldn’t have been better suited for me and it was delicious, definitely a recipe I am going to steal.

Saturday was filled with Dim Sum and shopping, and ended with some more relaxed hang outs and watching hockey night in Canada.  To all my Edmonton friends out there…did you see the Oilers game?!?

After a wonderful weekend with friends it was time to get back on the road and head home to Ottawa, the trek back is never a fun one but it is always so worth it.  Thank you to all of our friends that made our weekend so great and we hope to see you all again really soon.

Happy Monday everyone! 

How did you spend your Easter long weekend?

Just a little side note to everyone in the Gingersneezes Run Club, today is our first run!  Hope to see you all there! 


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