Lacing Up Those Running Shoes

After 5 months of being condemned to an indoor running regiment the weather has finally warmed up enough for me to head outside. The most exciting part of it so far is that I haven’t experienced that “oh my goodness this is so hard” wall this spring probably because was able to kept up with cardio and cross training throughout the winter.

I have noticed that, for me, running outside compared to running on a treadmill seems to use completely different muscles. Apparently on the treadmill I don’t really care where or how my foot falls as long as I keep up with the conveyor belt. Whereas running outside I take much more caution in being present in my running and I do my best to fall on my toe/mid foot, and not to over extend (when your foot falls beyond your knee, it causes unnecessary strain). Hopefully being more caution of my running technique will help me to have a great running season this spring/summer.

The watch suggested it...I agreed.

I have also noticed it takes a surprisingly small amount of motivation to get me to go on a run. I mean it can be something as small as my watch asking me if it is time for a run and I pretty much want to jump up and head outside. I have definitely been finding the combination of fresh air and running to be more of a reward than any type of punishment, and that feels amazing.

So I figured because I am so incredibly excited about running these past few weeks I would write a little post with some tips on getting you to lace up, ignore the puddles, and get your run on.

Lacing up

  1. Join a Running Community. There are so many different types of fitness communities out there (online, in person, a buddy system) find one that works for you, having someone else to run with will make you less likely to skip a session. Nike has a great online community if you are looking for somewhere to start.
  2. Get some Fabulous Running Gear. I am not saying you have to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on clothing (check out Marshall’s and Winner’s they have great selections at low prices) but try and get some good quality running staples (moisture wicking shirt, a good sports bra, shoes) that you can move and sweat in, but also looks great on so you will be excited to get outside and show it off.
  3. SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS! This one might seem like it belongs with two, but I believe it deserves it’s own block. A proper pair of running socks is up there with making sure you have the right pair of shoes. Running in plain cotton socks can almost guarantee you some gnarly blisters. Invest in a couple of pairs of good quality running socks, it is totally worth it. They are also relatively inexpensive so when I am really not in the mood to go on a run I get myself some new running socks, the second I get them I am excited to try them out and can barely wait to get out the door once I get home.
  4. Have Fun and Relax! It is running, it is outside, it should be kind of fun. Make it fun by going out and planning on doing your best, don’t compare yourself to other runners and remember a mile is a mile and just be proud of yourself for lacing up in the first place.
  5. Sign up for a Race. This might seem scary at first especially if you are just starting out. But the idea of setting a goal for yourself will definitely make you more likely to hit the pavement on a regular basis. And if you are lucky you might catch the race bug!
  6. Stretch! This might sound like a weird tip for motivation, but if you stretch after a run you are less likely to have intense muscle pain the next day, and being overly sore from a run can definitely be off putting. Stretching can also prevent injuries, so not only will it keep you positive about running, it will keep you running.
  7. It’s Just Running. Don’t get discouraged if you have a bad run day, you didn’t make your pace, or you ended up cutting your run short. Bad runs happen to all of us (even the professionals), refer back to number 4 and remember to be thankful that you took the time, a bad mile is still a mile!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Hope you are all excited for a nice long weekend!


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