5 Tips for Dealing with the Difficult

So this coming weekend I will be out of my norm, not in my regular space where I can make my own food, go to my own gym, run on my regular running paths. So much like I would if I were planning for a vacation I have started to make some smaller goals for myself while I am away so I don’t completely derail all of my progress.

I am pretty fortunate as most of my friends definitely understand what I am attempting to do for myself and are excited to help me achieve the goals I have set out for myself.  So when it comes to food and making sure I get in some exercise it doesn’t really end up being too challenging, and it doesn’t turn into one of those awkward situations where I have to explain why I brought my running gear with me.  Heck half the time they are asking if they can lace up their shoes and join me!

Now I am lucky enough to have some very encouraging and motivational friends who want to see me succeed but I understand that not everyone is going to understand what I am trying to achieve.  Sometimes on our journey to health and fitness we will run into people who just don’t understand what we are doing. They don’t understand that although we might want to eat 10 cupcakes we won’t actually do it because we have set out goals for ourselves, and 10 cupcakes doesn’t play into us achieving those goals.

We have all encountered individuals who don’t really seem to get it and although they might not be meaning to are in a way encouraging us to derail our progress.  I think in these situations it is important to remember that like you they are allowed to have their own ideas and beliefs and it is really your own responsibility to stay positive and keep your own progress on track.  When it comes down to it, whether or not there are people there to motivate you and support you it is truly your own responsibility to motivate yourself.

(Just a side note: I personally try to surround myself with positive people and I do think it is important to establish a support network for yourself because no one person can do everything).

Understanding that not everyone in our lives are going to understand why we do what we do, here are some tips that might just help you deal with difficult situations and people when you are working towards a health and fitness goal.

Tips for Difficult People

  1. Be polite but firm, after all the person may not be aware of your health and fitness objectives.  This is also a great opportunity to let them know what your goals are, although this conversation might be a bit awkward it will be beneficial to both of you in the future.
  2.  If you know you will be in a situation where you will be tempted but greasy, cheesy, sugary foods prepare yourself some healthy snacks to bring with you. Fill up on healthier things so the pizzas and chocolate bars of the world aren’t as tempting.
  3. If you know you are going to be in a challenging situation plan for it and allow yourself some treats.  The key here is that it is planned, that way you are more likely to stay on track.
  4. Try and get your friend(s) involved.  People are much less likely to be against you or not understand where you are coming from if you include them in your journey.  Get them to be a team-mate instead of an obstacle.
  5. Believe in yourself. Although it is great to have the motivation and support of your friends and family remember that this is your journey and some people might not understand.  Remember your end game and believe in yourself to keep you motivated.

I hope these tips help the next time you find yourself in a situation where maybe someone doesn’t really understand where you are coming from.  These tips are also helpful if you are going out of town for a weekend or travelling for business.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use in sticky situations to help keep you on track? If so share them with all of us in the comments below!


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