Arms and Abs for Spring

So yesterday was the first day of Spring but if you are living in the Ottawa area I am sure you would agree with me that it definitely doesn’t feel like it. After getting dumped on with another 15 cm of snow on Tuesday it feels more like Winter than Spring, but it is starting to warm up (fingers crossed) so hopefully we will see less white stuff soon.

Weather talk aside I have been working very diligently on a new upper body workout for all of you. It started out as an arm workout and then I thougth what am I doing this should really be your upper body, so I added in some core, I know you are all super excited about that. This is the third workout in the getting ready for running series, hopefully you have had the chance to check out the leg and ab workouts, if not I strongly recommend you give them a try and work them in after a cardio session.

Making this routine was challenging, I think I went into it thinking “only arms, only things that workout your arms” but at the same time “no weights let’s just use our body weight” and with these self imposed limitations I came up with a couple exercises but the routine just didn’t feel completed and that is when I realized it was missing something. So I think what I have concocted here is a great workout and my upper body would agree.

arms and core workout

So repeat the 3 circuits 2-3 times (optimally 3 times) resting 20 to 30 seconds in between each circuit. Do your best not to take any breaks while going through the circuits to get the most of the workout. I also recommend you do 20-30 minutes of cardio to warm up before, the cardio will not only warm you up it also helps to round out the workout and really get your heart pumping.

There are some moves in the workout that not everyone might be aware of so I have included some links below as a guide.

Inch Worm (omit the push-up)
Shoulder Stabilizers

I hope you all have a great time with this. Let me know in the comments below if you felt the burn!


2 thoughts on “Arms and Abs for Spring

    • The inch worm is a killer ab workout. You start standing and walk your hands out to a plank and then your feet up to your hands. I put a link in the post so you can’t see it happen. It is a bit difficult to explain.

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