Quick Weekend Update

working for the weekendThis weekend was probably the first weekend in about three months that I didn’t have any plans and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing. It was great just to hang out with my husband, going on some brisk walks, running some errands, cooking, watching movies and playing some games. It was a pretty uneventful weekend but I think it was just what I was looking for.

Even though I didn’t have any big plans for the weekend my body still made sure to have me up and ready for the day at 7:30 A.M. all weekend which gave me some time to get up and do yoga in the living-room and to get a head start on my weekly meal planning. It was great to have such a relaxed weekend because this week is going to be a bit nutty as I am starting to get my legs ready to be leading a group of runners starting April 1st.
yoga in the living roomThis weekend I also set a personal goal for myself. I decided that for the next three weeks I would steadily increase the frequency of my yoga practice. I have been pretty good at making sure I practice 2 times a week, but I want to recommit to making it into an actual yoga studio. My home practice has been very helpful in making sure I practice more than once but I find that it is not as satisfying as actually going into a yoga studio. So over the next three weeks I am going to be creative and flexible in finding the time to attend yoga classes. I will most likely continue using my yoga DVD’s when I am feeling pressed for time, but the goal is to make my yoga practice more of a daily activity than it currently is.

I believe that my renewed motivation to get things in order and to work at focusing on positive change in my life is stemming from my excitement and anticipation of spring. I have been gearing up for household organization projects, finishing projects that were started five years ago when we bought our house, as well as personal body and mind organization. It is something about the spring that gets me excited to be as productive as I can possibly be, now I just need to make sure I follow through with all my grand plans.

On a bit of a side note, I know I missed posting a workout for last week but I test them out before I post them and with just having started a new phase in my personal training my whole body has been sore (in the good I went to the gym way) enough to not want to use exert myself if I didn’t absolutely need to. But this week I will get out a killer upper body workout for everyone regardless of how much my muscles complain.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had fabulous weekends!


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