Weekend Round Up – Day Light Savings

So this past Sunday was Day Light savings, and I have got to tell you I am not a fan. I so very much dislike how it completely throws off my internal clock, and how I get that weird panic the next morning that I am late for something because my phone didn’t self set. All of that aside I am just hoping that I adjust to my 5 A.M. wake ups super fast and I get used to walking to work in the dark again, I had really grown fawned of the sun in the mornings, but on the bright side of things it is amazing having so much sunlight after work, longer nights means more opportunities for out door runs.

This weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday night I went to the gym as per usual, followed by an amazing party thrown by my wonderful husband and my amazing running/gym buddy. The party was filled with great company, great food, flowers and bubbly.
Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_PosterThe following day, my husband, of my two girlfriends and I went to see the new Wizard of Oz movie, and I have got to say it was not bad at all. It started off a little slow, but it really picked up. We didn’t see it in 3D but you could tell that it would have been amazing in 3D so if you have the option I would pick the format that involves ridiculous 3D glasses.

Sunday was unusual as it started with me heading over to the gym for a personal training session, to make up for the fact that I had missed Monday’s regular session due to car issues, but it was actually kind of nice to finish the week off with a bang. The workout was super challenging and I was definitely exhausted at the end, but all in all I would say it was worth it. Then that evening I went out for supper with my mom and step-dad for my birthday. Dinner was then followed by my husband and I heading home to just relax on the couch for a bit before our work week started. The cats were definitely happy to get in some cuddle time too.
sleepy catsThe weekend was all pretty magnificent if you ask me, it kind of makes the loss of an hour worth it .

Happy Monday Everyone.

How did you spend your weekend? Were you able to enjoy the outdoors?


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