Another Month, Another Phase

So it is that time again, time to start another phase of my workouts, actually it is the final phase of this rotation. Leading up to the switch over of phases I am always a little nervous, because it is always a bit heavier, a bit longer and a bit faster than it was the time before and that can feel a little daunting at times. This being my last phase with a personal trainer I am more motivated than ever to give it my all and just hit it out of the park. It is kind of the same feeling as it was when I first started; you know that renewed sense of motivation you get when you finally make a decision to do something positive for yourself. It could also be because spring is so close, but who cares where the excitement and motivation is coming from as long as it is there, right?

I believe that part of my renewed motivation is also from the results of my last weigh in. As I had shared before my weigh-in about two months ago was not exactly how I would have wanted it to be and I was pretty bummed out. I had hit a plateau and although I was working my butt off the inches, weight and fat seemed to be quite comfortable where it was. After reassessing my nutrition after vacation and setting up some quality meal plans for myself I started be more motivated and more determined. It was almost immediately that I started to notice a change in my energy levels, I was sleeping better and I was starting to feel slender. It was almost as though any bloat I had been feeling the past couple of weeks had disappeared. Inspired by how I was feeling within the first week of my meal planning I decided to keep it up and took it on full force.

weightloss Collage

Then came my weigh-in (as the always do at the end of a phase) although I was excited I was also nervous that maybe all this progress was just in my head. That or I had hyped it up well past what could be reasonably achieved in a month. When it came down to it all my worrying seemed to have been for nothing, I had lost a couple inches and I was down 5lbs from my last weigh-in, which I have got to say felt amazing. With some very positive feedback from my last phase at the gym I was definitely excited to see what would happen next.

I went to the gym slightly nervous but also excited, I was moving into Power Endurance so I thought to myself “how much harder could it possibly be from the Power phase?” I knew in this phase we would be doing the same basic stuff (strength and then power moves) but there would be considerably less break time. I wasn’t entirely wrong but I definitely wasn’t correct in my assumptions. The workout was definitely challenging and we switched up some exercises but at no one point was the jump to Power Endurance so awful I wanted to lose my cookies. So although it wasn’t a 12 on a scale of 1-10 moving from a heavy strength move right into a crazy power move with no rest was EXTREMELY challenging. I cannot stress enough just how difficult it was. Going from a 135lb deadlift to crazy box jumps immediately afterwards was not only terrifying but it took some extreme faith in the capabilities of my lower body muscles.


I know I have described each of the new phases as the hardest yet, or the scariest ever or any other terrifying descriptor I don’t think I would go that way with this phase. I think I am at a point in my training where, however much it goes against my natural instinct to trust my body’s capabilities, I am capable of powering through and understanding that although I think I am done I definitely have one left in me. So although this phase is definitely going to kick my butt and be very challenging I would have to say I am more excited than terrified this time around, so I guess bring it on let’s do this.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Let me know in the comments below what motivates you? How do you rev yourself up for new workouts, meal plans, or activities?


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