Fun Filled Day

There are so many fun things happening today I am not even sure where to start. I guess I will start with the weather as that seems like a very Canadian thing to do, especially this time of the year. I know I am fooling myself by thinking that it is almost spring, but it is just so beautiful out today, and by beautiful I mean only a couple degrees below zero. This weather has inspired Susan and I to hit the pavement instead of running on the gym’s human hamster wheels. I couldn’t be more excited to get some fresh air and start running on the ground again. I am also pretty excited to get my first outdoor run out of the way, it is generally the most challenging and often times discouraging. Seeing how the ground beneath me isn’t moving on its own I always find that I don’t end up running as fast and I have to exert so much more energy to get anything done, treadmills are tricky like that. But besides the run possibly being a bit more challenging I am still extra excited to be doing my cardio outside today and not getting frostbite while doing it.
Today is also the Mala Gala which is being put on by our downtown Lululemon. It is in the Ottawa convention center and is just a free hour of yoga for all those who are interested. I am excited because I haven’t really been in the convention center since it has been rebuilt so it will be nice to have a look inside. The yoga practice is being held in their ball room with a wall (or ball?) of windows, which means we should have a beautiful view of the Canal and the Parliament buildings. I will be sure to bring a camera so I can capture some shots of the view for everyone. I think they are expecting a few hundred people so it should be a nice energy filled practice.

With so much to look forward to it is difficult to be in a bad mood today, and like I had promised I have finally taken the time to beautify the core workout I recently created. It was a great workout to add to the end of my cardio day seeing how it only take 10-15minutes, but by the end yours abs definitely make an appearance to say hello. Depending on your fitness level you can definitely up the amount of time in plank position to 1 minute instead of 20 seconds and for added weight and resistance you could add a medicine ball to the toe touches.

ab workout

If you aren’t familiar with hip dips they are done in low plank by lowering your hips from one side to the other, it really works your core and you will definitely feel it. Another you may not be familiar with are the Crazy Ivan’s, please click on the link for a visual description of how to perform this one. I recommend doing one side then moving on to the second side.

I am currently working on a legs and glute workout which will be super helpful for anyone who is planning on joining our Gingersneezes Run Club. Building up leg and glute strength is a great way to prevent injuries while running, so I hope to have that to you in the next week or so.

That’s it for now, I hope that everyone is having a great Tuesday and that you are able to get outside for a run too.

Do you add mini strength workouts to your cardio days?
Are there any strength workouts you would be interested in seeing?


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