Weekend Update – Eating Healthy

During the week staying on track with my eating plan or whatever meal plan I have outlined for myself normally isn’t too much of a struggle for me. I think it is mostly because my day is so scheduled; I wake up at 5 A.M. have my egg whites, get to work I make my oatmeal, and then about every 2-3 hours after that I have a snack or a meal of sorts. So the one positive thing about working in an office setting for me is that that everything is scheduled which makes me less likely to mindlessly snack during the day. It also helps me with my evening eating because I generally use my dinner leftovers in some capacity for my lunch the following day.

My plans and eating tend to encounter speed bumps over the weekend. I always feel like my weekend is my time to relax, take a load off and not worry so much about my weekly routine and eating. Things like not needing to prepare a lunch for my work day, or having scheduled times for my snacks throws me off, and I just don’t make myself create time to sit down and eat something healthy. So basically the weekend is a healthy eating pitfall for me, not from lack of trying but perhaps from lack of motivation.


This week I had started a 7 day meal plan to break through my recent plateau so I was more determined than ever to stay on track and make myself sit down and have nice homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners all weekend. Despite my motivation to be successful I was a little skeptical, I have made these promises to myself and they haven’t always turned out how I hoped. But this weekend was different, I proved to myself that this was possible, it is a legitimate life style change that I can adapt to, instead of throwing out my egg whites and oatmeal breakfasts for something bigger, greaser and made by someone else I put in some extra effort to make sure that I mindfully prepared each of my meals and I have got to say it felt great.


This weekend I also added in an extra day of cardio. Normally on the weekends I will attend a Saturday morning yoga class to finish off my week of workouts and then I give myself Sunday to be lazy and chill out around the house, hang out with friends, you know basically do whatever I choose. But this Sunday my running bud Susan and I decided we should hit up the gym and test out an elliptical workout, which 100% kicked our butts. It was definitely a great way to finish off a week of workouts and set me up for a bit more of a productive Sunday than I would have normally participated in.

Aside from food and exercise related things, this weekend was packed with other activities which to be honest didn’t start out so great. Our cat Morris wasn’t looking so hot, something has been up with his eye for a couple of days and we needed to make sure it wasn’t infected and it was hopefully just something that would work itself out.
VetCollageAfter heading over to the vet (any animal’s favourite place to be) we found out, it was just due to some irritation caused by rough housing with his little sister. So with a bit of extra love he should be back to new in no time.

Sunday I headed over to a girlfriend’s house just outside of the city to say hello her and another girlfriend and their kids. It is so amazing to see how quickly little ones grow up, seriously one moment they are like 7 lbs you blink and the little buggers are walking, crawling and talking it is just nuts.

Then I rounded my weekend off with some girlfriend time filled with chats, tea and a girly movie, followed by meal prep for the coming week. All in all I would say this weekend turned out pretty great.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Monday.


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