What’s so Special about Radishes?

Happy Food Friday! This Friday instead of giving you a homemade recipe I figured I would take a minute to talk about the amazing little cruciferous vegetable the radish. To be honest radishes are not my first choice in a vegetable, by a long shot, but after reading a couple of books and setting up a meal plan for myself to break through this plateau I am at I realized it popped up quite a bit. So I thought to myself “why in the world does everyone want me to eat radishes?” Instead of looking it up right away I just tossed it into my meal plan on a regular basis, but the more I cut the little guys up the more I wondered why am I eating this all the time.
radishesUnable to handle the suspense anymore, and wondering why I had started eating radishes every day I went to the internet and started looking up radish nutritional facts. I was definitely not expecting the results I found. These little vegetables and their leaves are packed full of great things.

Like their cruciferous friends (kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc.) they are great at helping to prevent cancer. The bulb or root being full of fiber, vitamin C and folic make it a bit of a natural detoxifier which helps to clean you out and keep your colon healthy. I think it is important to note that when I say they are full of fiber I mean full of fiber, a radish has about 1g of fiber in it which is approximately 4% of your recommended daily intake, for something so little that is great!

Not only are they full of fiber but they are also full of water, which makes them a great tool in anyone’s weight loss tool box. Adding some radishes to your meal will increase your fiber and water intake helping you to feel satisfied quicker and longer. Them being packed full of flavour will also help to entertain your taste bites, giving your salads and other meals an extra punch of taste. Along with filling you up they will make sure to deliver a good dose of some essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, the Bs, K, as well as other minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and many others.

To think such a small little vegetable would be capable of delivering all of these things, while making sure to keep you healthy boggles my mind sometimes. But it is times like these that I am extra encouraged to continue eating clean and exploring new fruits and vegetables because you never know what they might offer.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I am not sure why but this week I am extra excited for it to almost be the weekend.

Have you been amazed by the healthful potential of a fruit or vegetable lately? If so which one?

Organic Facts
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