Hiccups and Goals

Recently I discussed a hiccup in my progress which has made me stop to re-evaluate what this whole journey is for and what I am looking to achieve through it. For a couple of weeks I have been sitting and mulling over what all of this is about. Is it a vanity project? Is it for my health? Am I really aiming for a life style change? Is this something I want to maintain after my personal training sessions finish off? What am I trying to achieve?

When this all started I was filled with a lot of motivation, excitement and enthusiasm. I had decided that I was starting a new chapter of my life, I was going to get fit and this time things were going to be continuous even if I didn’t have a personal trainer. I was going to learn how to motivate myself to keep showing up and sweating. It was all so exciting and I was ready to get going.

After years of working out, succeeding and failing on my own I finally had the opportunity to workout with a professional who knew what she was doing and would teach me how to succeed. In all of this excitement I seemed to have forgotten to sit down and really think about why I was doing this. Sure weight loss, learning and increasing my strength were my goals, but why. Yes, of course Alannah asked me “why” I wanted to achieve the three goals I had laid out, but it wasn’t until recently that I stopped to think of the bigger picture, what would achieving my goals mean and with my recent stand still in weight loss and body changes would I have to do to achieve my goals.
Fitmo1After some thought it came to me but just felt too simple so I kept thinking. No matter how many lists and different conversations with myself I kept coming back to the same thing. It isn’t about learning more about body mechanics and how to workout properly, it isn’t about losing weight, and it isn’t about getting stronger (although all of these things are definite perks). It is about providing myself with little (and big) victories and showing myself that I am capable of being the best me that I can be for myself and that I am able to work hard to achieve it.

So often I think we find ourselves wanting things to come easy. Looking at that “skinny” girl and questioning why she gets to eat that pizza while I have to monitor my intake and constantly make healthy food choices. It isn’t often that we sit down and congratulate ourselves for all the hard work we have done to achieve our successes. It is not often that we give ourselves some slack when maybe our successes weren’t as grand as we had wanted them to be and it is definitely not all that common for us to stop comparing ourselves to others and their progress, body type/shape, or looks. It is difficult to remember that in every failure or set back there is a lesson and that instead of chastising ourselves over our setbacks we should be learning from them (something that took me a while to smarten up to).

Sometimes all we need to do is love ourselves a bit more and realize that mistakes, slip ups and cookies are going to happen but realize that we have to move on from them and remember what we were trying to achieve and why we are trying to achieve it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday so far.

Have you recently come against a road block, plateau, or something else that you feel has derailed your progress a little? What have you done to help encourage yourself and get yourself back on track?


4 thoughts on “Hiccups and Goals

  1. pizza, cookies and poutine CAN happen!! in moderation… this is why I love Weight Watchers… you can fit it all in… and the more veggies, whole grains, lean meats and fruits you eat regularly, the more you can fit in treats!! and the more you exercise, the more you can treat yourself too… no life should be without decadence! and i found through my observations for 6 months before I really tackled my eating problems, that all of those “skinny” girls who looking like they chowdown on anything and everything they want balance it all somehow… i knew one girl that worked out like a fiend! another that really only ate at night… one who ate alot during the day but didnt sit down with treats at night etc. etc… not to say that any of those are good balance, but you know what I mean 🙂 xo

    • of course indulgences can happen. it is all about balance, and discovering yourself and making choices that are right for you in order for you to meet your goals. It is a personal balancing act for everyone.

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