Eating Abroad

So….eating that fun little thing that gets stuck at the back of our minds when we are trying to get in shape, tone up, or lose some pounds. It can sometimes manifest itself into this idea that you have to do everything perfect at all times to be successful and achieve your goals. It can also drive you a little batty especially if you have hit a plateau or are outside of your regular surroundings.

You might have thoughts such as; “am I eating too much?” “am I eating the right things?” “is it okay to have this drink?” “will this indulgence through me in a tailspin and ruin my progress?”, and the list goes on and on.

I myself being stuck on a bit of a plateau right now and having the opportunity of going on a vacation was blessed with a bit of a double whammy in the way of panic in regards to eating and properly fueling my body. Before leaving for vacation I had set out a plan of attack which is something I do when I will be out of my regular routine (re: Christmas) to make me feel a bit more calm and to help me be a bit more lenient on myself.

Also before leaving for vacation Alannah and I had a brief conversation about what my goals were and what I would do to stay on track. Being fortunate enough to have a trainer helped to motivate me to stay on track because I had someone other than myself to be accountable to. I have said it before and I am saying it again having a buddy when it comes to exercise is the way to go, whether it is a personal trainer, a running friend, your significant other, or anyone you can share your goals with and will help to keep you accountable.

So with my plan, my discussion with Alannah and with my thoughts haunting me about derailing my progress I set out for a nice relaxing vacation. Once I arrived at my destination and was finally able to see what would be available in the way of food it was a bit. I am sure most would have thought it glorious had I been a normal person but with my numerous allergies and food restrictions I found it pretty challenging to find things to eat, let alone stay on “track”.

Although I was not as strict with myself as I would have been had I had full control over preparing and serving my meals I was always able to create some type of salad, every morning there were delicious make yourself omelettes which they would make with just egg whites and there was always plenty of fruit. There were always veggies but often covered in nuts (which are deadly to me) or lathered in sauce and meat was always in abundance but always marinated in something or in a sauce which may have contributed to my eczema outbreak. All in all there was always something to eat just not as clean as it would have been at home.

Besides it being a bit of a struggle to find things that I would normally deem as “healthy” for eating I was able to bring apples down to the beach for a morning snack and the a-la-cartes were great and always had large nut free portions of veggies as sides. It also didn’t hurt that you get to dress up and our wonderful server brought us this loving message written in sauce.



So my take back from this experience is mainly that yes it is a vacation and it shouldn’t be a total free pass to be destructive and derail your progress, but also yes it is a VACATION and you are allowed to enjoy yourself and to indulge in some things that you normally wouldn’t otherwise.

It is important to point out that during all of this, and eating maybe not in the healthiest of ways I did definitely workout, but more on that later.

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Is anyone else as excited for the weekend as I am?


3 thoughts on “Eating Abroad

  1. good job! i remember someone telling me if your plan was to go off-plan then it’s fine… as long we you were upfront about your intentions, you are still on track! i let myself go during holiday time, but it is still surprising to see how healthy your “letting go” probably is compared to the old you! you are doing great and you look even better! xo

      • no one is perfect and giving yourself permission to let loose once in a while will give you the motivation to stay on track the rest of the time… my opinion anyway! πŸ™‚ and you’re welcome… it is the truth πŸ™‚

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