Don’t Sweat Vacation

Not to bombard everyone with tails from my glorious and warm vacation as I am sure you are all getting a little tired of hearing about it, but on vacation I learnt some stuff and I just wanted to share these, lets call them, lessons with all of you.

During my vacation while sweating up a storm in the hardly air conditioned room it dawned on me that although my blog is dedicated to healthful pursuits and balance I really haven’t touched on balance all that much, perhaps hoping it would make its own appearance. During my vacation I learnt that balance doesn’t “work itself out”, it is truly up to the individual to find balance and teach yourself how to stay there, much like anything else you are trying to be successful at you have to work at balance.

Originally when I had sat down and thought about a game plan for vacation I very honestly aimed low.  I didn’t want to create an intense schedule where I would then be disappointed in myself if I didn’t achieve all I had set out.   I discussed this plan with Alannah and she agreed that it was pretty reasonable considering I would be on vacation. I had decided that I would attend one hotel offered yoga class, do one HIIT circuit (NTC or Pinterest print-offs) and go for one run on the beach, anything extra was simply a bonus.

The first thing I tackled was an NTC 45min cardio session which pretty much destroyed me, in the best way. I figured the next day I would go for a walk on the beach to check out the sand conditions, unfortunately they weren’t optimal for running so I figured I would do a speed burst treadmill workout, followed by 20 minutes of weights for my butt, legs and abs.

By this point I was pretty stoke, motivated and happy that I had actually stayed on track for my vacation workout goals, so I decided the next thing to try out would be yoga, because at this point a nice stretch was just what I needed. The yoga was, well it wasn’t great, but it was the most hilariously awkward classes I had ever been too and having some knowledge of yoga allowed me to get a good stretch in.
Once I had finished yoga I had 100% accomplished my workout goals for the vacation but I wasn’t feeling the need to call it quits, actually this is where balance kind of came into play.  Firstly, I was having fun with my workouts I hadn’t done NTC in a while so it was something knew to keep me guessing, also my eating wasn’t the greatest.  I know that no amount of exercise can offset a truly awful diet*, but at the same time I figured it was better than moping around over the nut filled vegetables.

So I used this as motivation to add in a couple extra workouts into my vacation and to find a balance between not so great food and health and fitness. It perhaps wasn’t the most “ideal” solution but I felt like on vacation it was a pretty great way to overcome an obstacle while still having a great time, relaxing and treating myself kindly. In achieving balance during my vacation I was able to remain on track with my training, stay happy and satisfied with my goals and self and probably most importantly allow myself the time to relax.

Have you ever been faced with a similar dilemma?  How did you find balance for yourself?

Happy Thursday everyone, and Happy Love Day so tell someone you love them 🙂

*by diet I mean what you eat on a daily basis, not some crash diet, week long cleanse or what have you. I mean your day in day out daily intake of food. 


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