Back On-line!

Well folks it seems that my vacation is all but over, and how nice it was to escape the awful subzero temperatures and feet of snow for 7 days and bask in the glorious vitamin D rich sun rays. By bask I mean hide in the shade from the sun for a week because I am a red head and go from white to lobster in about 5 minutes of full sun exposure. As nice as it is to get away and disconnect for a bit I always find it nicer to come home and plug back in.
My week was filled with sun, heat, ocean, pools, sand and amazing company. It felt great to sit by the beach and read a couple of books and catch up on my magazine reading. I had seriously fallen behind in my Runner’s Magazine subscription, so it was nice to get to find out new exercises and different recipes. It was also nice to catch up on some trashy magazine reading, you know just some stuff that is probably turning your brain to mush just because you are reading it, but it is so simple that you could probably just look at the pictures and would have an idea of what is going on…yeah it was pretty great.

The only down side inconvenience for me during the trip was being the sensitive ginger that I am. My skin is never too happy about drastic changes and it seems that it always finds something to react to. So after diligently thwarting off my eczema it returned with a bit of a vengeance but now that I am home I get to comfortably settle back into control and maintain mode. Knowing that food is always a little different elsewhere and that I can’t always be in control of how things are prepared (especially at an all inclusive) I just took it in stride and am certainly excited to get back into my routine.

Although it might seem like a bit of tease that I don’t have many photos to share with you I assure you it is for a good reason. We opted to use the extremely technologically advanced systems of a disposable camera during our trip. So instead of that wonderful instant gratification of the digital camera or iPhone or what have you I have opted for the incredibly drawn out process of waiting for actual film to be developed. So as the week evolves I will share more from my trip including more photos, how it was eating and working out on vacation and the tale of the very tiny dog. Well, actually there is no tale of a tiny dog there was simply a dog the size of my foot on the beach, he/she provided many moments of entertainment for me.

Hope everyone has had a great past week and happy Tuesday!


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