Power Time

Power. This is a word that surprising I have heard a lot of on this journey to get stronger, leaner and lighter. I hear it practicing yoga when moving into “powerful pose” or when we need to send some powerful energy out of our finger tips. I see it when I am reading running articles on speed training, describing how much power and explosiveness I have to put behind my speed bursts. I now have the chance to play with it again I get to explore power in my next phase of personal training with Alannah. Last night we started the Power Phase of my training.

no problem

So I know I say this about every phase but I think this is going to be a tough one but challenging in a totally different way from Build and Strength.  Sure the weight was still heavy (just not quite as heavy) and on top of the heavy lifting the routine is broken up with quick bursts, and instead of our regular triplex style grouping of exercises we have moved to a quad, so four moves per circuit instead of the three we had initially been training with. The routine is full of new exercises which I am so thankful for.  It can start feeling a little routine when you are doing the same thing over and over again.  So there are some completely new moves, and other modifications to old moves, but even moving from a barbell to dumbbells helps to switch things up and challenging your brain a bit.

So how am I feeling about this phase? Well, I am pretty pumped, it is faster paced, definitely sweat inducing and EXHAUSTING.  At this point in my training I am feeling like I have built up quite a bit of strength and I have the ability to do so much more than I ever  thought possible so moving into this phase wasn’t as intimidating as I had originally thought it would be. Being completely honest I was terrified when this phase was described to me, I mean weights and explosive movements that sound crazy.  The thought of combining heavy lifting with high intensity exercises just felt so intimidating, perhaps it was the idea of such a jump up in the speed of moving through the workout, but I was pretty sure I would throw up.

I have now successfully completed my first day of the Power phase and I didn’t throw-up, pass out, or otherwise have any type of negative effect.  My muscles were unquestionably exhausted and used up by the end, but I believe that was the point.  So all in all I would have to say I am very stoked to get started and “power” (a little word play) through this phase, I think the combo of strength and high intensity exercises will be a huge fat burner  so I am excited to see some results.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!!

Is anyone else starting a new workout routine?  What are you getting into?


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