No Gym – No Problem

So when I first started to think about this post I thought maybe I should wait until it was spring because it felt like a post that might be more suited to nicer outdoor weather. Then I figured why wait? Just because there is snow on the ground and it is below freezing doesn’t mean we are doomed to only workout at the gym.
no problemPerhaps you are lucky enough to live walking distance to your gym or workout institute of your choosing, or maybe even luckier you have a home gym! Unfortunately for the rest of us normally have to take some for of transit to our chosen fitness institute but with the winter often comes heinous driving conditions and during these times it may not be safe to drive to the gym. So what to do when it is just too gross out or maybe you don’t have the time to make it all the way to the gym and back?

The more traditional suggestions would be things like an at home workout DVD. These are things that I often times turn to, normally in the form of an at home yoga DVD. I am also a big fan of Jillian Michaels. I know there are people out there that aren’t huge fans of her and the Biggest Loser or maybe you just aren’t a fan of the celebrity type trainers, but I maintain that it is a great place to start if you don’t have much time and money to put towards physical fitness. When I had started getting involved in my physical health I had definitely turned to Jillian’s DVDs, they made me sweat and I definitely felt it the next day. I haven’t done her DVDs in a while but if you are looking for a suggestion for a starting DVD I would definitely recommend her 30 Day Shred DVD it kicked my butt!

Before I get into it I think I first want to mention that when it comes to starting up a yoga practice or strength and resistance training I am a huge advocate for seeking help. You want to make sure you are doing it properly, not only to make sure you don’t hurt yourself but also to be sure that you are getting the best out of it. So although DVDs might be the most convenient thing to do if you are starting off I would suggest looking into taking a couple intro classes to learn the basics before venturing out on your own. Now that the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” disclaimer has been inserted I get to talk about what I have been doing to keep moving.

So I have mentioned before that we haven’t been having the greatest weather so working out at home was less of a choice and more of a need. But I wasn’t bummed out about it, it actually gave me a chance to turn my workout into something less serious and gave me the chance to “play”. Wanting something a bit more fun than say challenging I opted to not pop in the Insanity DVD or gear up for a sweat inducing Tabata workout and I turned to my game console. Yes, you heard me correctly I would turn on my video game machine and I popped in this gem.

20130130-052405.jpgAlthough it was perhaps not the greatest workout I have ever had, it got me sweating and I had the chance to dance like no one was watching. Because I made sure no one would be watching, I am so uncoordinated. I have played before, but I was surprised this time around to find myself doing ski jumps, one legged jumping jacks and dynamic squats perhaps not the most graceful moves but it was nice to see that the game designers are trying to get your heart pumping a little.

20130130-053012.jpgFor me this was a fun way of getting myself sweating without having to take myself too seriously. It obviously doesn’t have to be a video game for you, it could be twister with your main squeeze or throwing in a limbo competition at your next big event. The point to all of this is that sometimes it is nice to switch it up a little bit. I love running and weight training and yoga, but it was so refreshing to do something a little less structured and to a “shake it all out”.

Hope everyone has been having a good week so far! Happy Wednesday!

What are some unconventional ways you try to get your heart rate pumping and the sweat pouring out?


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