So it is almost time, it is almost time for my husband and I and our two good friends to be toasty warm sitting on a sandy beach by the ocean and let me tell you with this recent cold snap I am more than ready to hop on that plane. But with vacation comes so many little thoughts passing through my head, things like “Am I am going to be able to maintain my healthy eating?” “Is that bathing suit really going to look good” “Will I actually workout” etc. With all these thoughts floating around in your mind pre-vacation it can get a little difficult to get fully excited about wearing minimal amounts of clothing, especially if the winter has gotten the better of you and your body has created what I like to call a “thermal layer”.

So here are some things that I do/have been doing to get myself psyched and pumped up about wearing my short shorts and rocking a bikini, and hopefully they will help you out if you are planning a tropical vacation.

beach1. Let yourself be Excited! I find that this is imperative. It is easy to get caught up in the “what if” and “will I” doubt cycle. It is important to remember that it is a vacation and is something to be excited about. Just make sure you do take time to remind yourself that it is okay for you to relax and you should be looking forward to vacation not stressing about it.

2. Plan! Much like the Christmas holidays vacations take a bit of planning if you want to stay on track to meet your goals. Thigh may mean being mindful when hitting the buffet, committing to making sure half of your plate filled up with vegetables, or limiting the amount of late night hamburgers you have after the disco. It might also include committing to hit up the gym or taking advantage of a morning run on the beach. Remember having a plan to keep you focused on your goals doesn’t mean limiting the amount of fun you can have on your vacation.

3. Bring your own snacks. This might seem a little weird if you are going to an all-inclusive style vacation, but it can really help you stay on track and stick to your plan. Little things like rice crackers, maybe your own granola, oatmeal or other things you like to snack on might not be available where you are heading. Bringing these items with you will help making healthier choices easier and more accessible. Just a side note, make sure that you are allowed to bring your snacks, so maybe double check with Boarder Services before packing them.

4. Remember it’s a Holiday. This one might sound a lot like #1 but what I mean here is that once your 7, 14, 21 day vacation is over you will have to come home. You don’t want to let your vacation hijack all the hard work you had put in prior to your glorious weekend on the beach and you don’t want it to make life harder for you once you come back. So yes, it is a vacation and yes, it is time to relax and indulge but do your best to not let indulgence side track you from your goals.

I hope this helps a little for anyone planning on heading south for a little break from this skin burning cold.

Happy Tuesday!

What are some of the things you do to prepare yourself for a beach vacation?


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