Weekends Please Never End

When this weekend started, so Friday at 3:01pm for me, I decided that I was going to give myself a break/ free pass from exercise. My training sessions with Alannah at Epic were pretty kick you in the pants this week so I figured I was allowed to skip a yoga day.

20130114-055002.jpgSetting out with that mind set I turned off my Saturday morning alarm and hunkered in for the sleep-in of all sleep-ins. Well then 8 am rolled around (which I guess is considered sleeping in for me) and I was wide awake, so it was difficult to find any convincing argument to commit to skipping my yoga class.  So I got myself ready, fed the cats and headed over to the yoga studio for the 9 am Hatha Flow.   Once the class started my brain and body were both pretty happy that I had taken the time to make it to the class, my body was in serious need of a good stretch.

After yoga I rewarded myself with the only thing I like at Starbucks their Orange Blossom green tea, this is when I got the bad news, they were discounting the tea because it isn’t “popular” enough. Boo Starbucks boo! I would stock up on the tea for at home use but I am totally convinced the bags for at home use are half the size therefore half the flavour and just not worth it. I guess it just means I am going to need to find a new tea, and I am open to suggestions, so please send some my way!

After this it was time to get some Gingersneezes anniversary party and baby shower present running around done. So I headed on over to Terra 20 to get some earth friendly baby products for our friends and soon to be parents, and then headed on over to Michael’s to stock up on craft supplies.

While getting some supplies for the upcoming anniversary party I thought I had found the mother-load when I had found some lettering stencils (hand drawn letters is definitely not one of my strong suits) only to discover that the “actual size” advertisement actually meant “no where near the actual size”. Although slightly frustrating it was mostly hilarious and everything worked out regardless.


So all in all the weekend was great, some crafting, some celebrating and a nice mix of relaxing and working out.  I hope everyone had a great weekend is ready for Monday!

Happy Monday, hope the sun is shining where you are. 


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