Getting Older!

Well I am falling back into my regular pattern of training sessions, yoga and some running. It feels pretty great to get back into the grove of healthy eating and moving after an over indulgent holiday.  So yesterday was my first “hard” day back in the gym, and it felt absolutely amazing.  There is some sort of weird pride that comes with sweating like a beast, and smashing a slam ball against the ground as hard as you can.  All of this to say that I am very excited to be back at Epic and working with Alannah again.

With my normal schedule getting pieced back together most of my attention has been given to getting ready for Gingersneezes first birthday! I am so excited that the blog is turning a year old!  It represents so much to me, and I am just so excited that I have been sharing my struggles and successes with all of you for a year. With the big day being only a week away I am getting more and more excited about all the surprises and activities planned for the day.
gingersneezes CollageI haven’t decided how much I want to give away before the big day, but I will be sure to drop little hints here and there, teasers if you will.  Until then, I hope everyone is having a great day so far and if you aren’t just think it is almost the weekend.

Happy Thursday! 

What are you looking forward to right now?


2 thoughts on “Getting Older!

  1. Yay for blog birthdays! I totally agree that there’s nothing like the feeling of finally getting back to the gym for a hard workout. Since I’ve been a little sick recently, I’m getting excited to get back into the gym asap!

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