Back to the Grind

Back to the grind eh folks.  After some time off for the holidays it is back to the regular swing of everything.  Although I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine of working out, yoga, sleeping, oh god how I miss a regular sleeping pattern, I am really not all that interested in being back in my beige beehive of an office. But alas work is a part of life so I will survive I’m sure.

So this weekend was the most relaxed, hibernation filled weekend ever.  Besides running some errands, grabbing groceries and heading to dinner with my mom and step dad I don’t think the husband and I really ventured outside besides a walk here and there and shoveling the never ending snow.   My weekend was filled with fun with the kittens, baking and meal planning for the week, so all in all it was pretty wonderful. I also got super into Northern Exposure, seeing I received season three for Christmas (it is seriously one of the best shows out there….in my opinion)
Northern Exposure CollageSo unfortunately for this blog post my weekend was pretty uneventful, however through my baking experiments I did make up a pretty delicious granola bar recipe which I can’t wait to share with everyone come Friday so stay tuned.

Hope everyone is adjusting back to their regular work schedule alright!  Happy Monday! 


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