Bring it 2013

And here it is my first hello from 2013! I am very excited for this coming year, new challenges, new accomplishments to get after, just the new. It is one of those new year flip overs where I am not in such a rush to say good by to 2012, I mean all in all the year was pretty good to me. I had the opportunity in 2012 to find out more about myself, my relationships and what I want from my life. It has been a great year and is probably the reason why I am so stoked on diving into 2013.

I have some excited things planned for myself this year (all of which will be revealed in time) and my blog will have officially lasted a full year, thanks to all of your support!

This year I have done something a bit different instead of setting out specific New Years resolutions I have decided just to pick a “tone” for the year. I have no specific goals like lose 10lbs or run a marathon, all I want for myself this year is an even stronger commitment to loving myself and to living a happy, healthy life. So this year that is what I am striving for, happiness, love and health, seems like a pretty reasonable goal to me.

Happy Wednesday everyone and hello 2013


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