Last Day of 2012

I was going to post up my regular weekend over view post today but in all honest after traveling for the holidays I did everything in my power to lay low, so besides getting to meet my good friends darling little girl nothing else really happened. So I figured instead it would be fun to do a recap on the past year, this will also get everyone pumped up a bit for Gingersneezes year-aversary.

So much has happened, changed and maintained over the past year. I have started getting myself back into my yoga practice, I suffered numerous running injuries and with the help of a great running partner and some smart training I recovered, I found Epic Fitness and my amazing trainer Alannah, and tested out and invented many tasty dishes. It is also the year I got married (holy I am an adult!) I traveled back to the homeland (Edmonton) twice after many years away, I signed up for a CanFit Pro course and started to seriously explore my interests in health and fitness.
yoga Collage2012 was definitely an amazing year filled with excitement, motivation, and happiness. This isn’t to say that at times I didn’t want to avoid my workout or not eat my vegetables, but for the most part I feel like 2012 was about showing myself what I could do, and how capable I am.
running CollageMy hope goal for 2013 is to keep on this path, and to keep pushing myself to new levels and personal bests. I want to keep sharing my process, my struggles and my growth with all of you and I hope that the Gingrrsneezes community helps to motivate and encourage all of you to make positive choices for yourselves in 2013.
life CollageHAPPY NEW YEARS!!!


6 thoughts on “Last Day of 2012

  1. Thanks Brit for the encouragement to pursue fitness..the changes you have brought into your life have inspired Al and I to hang in there and keep moving.

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