Weekend Round Up Holiday Edition

Happy Christmas Eve day everyone! Who else is bursting with joy that today is Christmas Eve!?!  To keep with the regularly scheduled program over here at Gingersneezes I figured I would provide my weekly round up what happened this past weekend.

This weekend has been loads of fun, adventures to the West Edmonton Mall, the Muttart Conservatory, yoga with my sister, some suppers with my brother, it has been all around awesome.

Seeing my husband has never been to Edmonton I figured it would be a good idea to get some tourist stuff in, so we headed on over to the West Edmonton Mall to show him the water park, Galaxyland, the mini-putt courses, the movie theater, Bourbon Street, and well the lists goes on. If you have ever been in this mall you know just how long it can go on for, that place is freaking huge.  Luckily for us my dad brought us there earlier in the morning, and my brother picked us up a before it became totally insane with Christmas shoppers.

The following day was spend running some errands with my big sister and her husband, and then it was off to the Muttart Conservatory with my husband and my dad. It was a great time, we arrived at the Muttart just in time to jump on a tour to learn about some plants and how they are involved in different Christmas traditions around the world. We went into all four pyramids (temperate, arid, tropical and the Nutcracker exhibit), the only one I didn’t take pictures of was the temperate pyramid because well I get to see that all year long, and seeing it is winter most of the trees were hibernating so not much to see there.

In the arid pyramid there was the most awesome agave plant ever! It was blossoming and the shoot was something like 30 feet tall! It got so large they had to trim some of the top, I am sure if you want some more information on that you could definitely check out their website.
airidNext was the Tropical pyramid, this one was amazing, there was so much to look at and so many beautiful orchids, coffee plants, cinnamon making trees, even pineapples and mini bananas.
tropical 1And the last pyramid we checked out was the featured exhibit “The Nutcracker” which was basically thousands of poinsettias.


Happy Christmas eve day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time, and getting to spend some time with their families!  

Now I am off to do a little workout, and then to watch some TV with my brother and husband! I’ll be back after Christmas. 


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