Another Weekend

This past weekend wasn’t just any plain old weekend it was the official beginning of my holiday festivities. This weekend my husband and I went over to my mom and step-dad’s to hit off some holiday festivities with lots of food, some drink, and tons of great Christmas music.
photo 2After spending some time with the family, my husband and I headed back to the city and I started to get ready for a festivus with some good friends. Besides some work parties and a big dinner with some ladies there haven’t been too many holiday parties, so I was very excited to get to attend this one. It was so fabulous, but from the two of them I wouldn’t have expected anything less, great food, great company, great music. Having a training session planned the following morning I unfortunately couldn’t stay too late and had to duck out a little bit early.
photo 3Finally Sunday. Sunday marked my last visit to the farmer’s market for the year, so it was a sad morning. I made sure to purchase some larger bags of vegetables so they hopefully last a little bit longer, and to take in the overall wonderfulness of the farmers market so it would be easier knowing it wouldn’t be back until spring. Having something like, testing out a new-ish restaurant with some girlfriends, also lessened the blow of losing the market. The restaurant is called Hang 10 and I think I am totally obsessed. I had their spicy beef burrito and my goodness it was delicious, and for 10$ for a burrito the size of my face and drink it was definitely reasonably priced.
photoMy husband and I, being the impatient people we are, had our personal Christmas Sunday evening. Opening our gifts to each other and just vegging out on the couch to some holiday classics like Elf, Badder Santa, and Fred Clause. It was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! Happy Monday!


One thought on “Another Weekend

  1. Oh you’re so kind 🙂 A festivus wouldn’t be the same without you! And I’m definitely saving that picture of our little tree 😀

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