Weekend Round Up

This weekend I thought I would try something a little different for the round up. Yesterday, I attempted to snap a photo every hour to try and piece together a mini photo collage of the day. Remembering to take a photo an hour was pretty challenging, but it was fun because it kept me moving most of the day.
a day of pictures

  1. Post workout Protein smoothie.  It was Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter….so delicious.
  2. Cuddling kittens.  They are so adorable together.
  3. Shopping at the farmers market with some wonderful ladies…this was a sneak attack of a shot.
  4. Friend’s breakfast. Apparently we are both too cool to put our phones down.
  5. My main man and God Son Sully.  He is the best!
  6. Testing out my new found strength.  I still can’t beat my husband in an arm wrestle but I am getting close.
  7. Feet snuggles mean it is time for bed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  If you are in Ottawa stay safe out there it is extremely slippery with all of the ice rain.

Happy Monday!


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