Like Cheetas

For quiet some time now I have been saying I am going to start speed training or interval training, seeing how Susan and I finished our 10k app. Well I haven’t been so great at being a motivational force behind getting started, I think mentally I needed a break from running for a bit, and I just needed to switch my cardio up for a little change.

Well the other day it was unseasonably warm out, something like 16 degrees in December is totally unheard of over here. So Susan and I finally sucked it up, put on our running shoes and found a flat space on the running path. Once we made our way out there we were quick to notice we weren’t the only runners who thought it would be a great idea to go on a warm, yet rainy run. So we got started, the intervals started off with a nice brisk walk for 5 minutes to get our joints warmed up a little followed by a 10 second burst/sprint, 20 second jog, and 30 second walk/ recovery.
intervals CollageAfter having completed one set of 5 intervals, we decided that we could definitely do a second round. Just as a point of reference doubling up on speed intervals the first time you try them out, maybe not the greatest idea. Even though by the last set of intervals my thighs, buttocks and lungs were all ready to give out it was one of the most entertaining and fun runs I had been on for a while. Taking off full tilt and sprinting like a kid was just such a blast. It was definitely a fun time, and man was it efficient, I was sweating up a storm and panting like no ones business. After our rainy running session I was sure to stretch out my legs once I got home, but even then my quads are still screaming, so I guess it worked.

Not being used to having sore legs after running anymore it is definitely interesting to have such intense tightness. It wasn’t actually until my workout with Alannah last night when I realized just how tight they were, while doing some TRX crunches. Oh the fun tightness that comes with pushing yourself, I remember when I used to do everything in my power to avoid that pain, now I am stoked to have the occasionally achy muscle.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Have you pushed yourself this week? How are your muscles doing?


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