So it’s my third week of the build phase of my personal training, and it is going pretty incredible. I am finding that it is definitely starting to feel a bit more natural to make healthy/positive life choices when it comes to food, activities, self-esteem, family, friends, and my overall lifestyle. At just over 2 months into the program and I am definitely starting to see some pretty rad changes, from the calluses on my hands, feeling lighter and happier it has been a pretty fun change. I am writing about this because sometimes I think I get side tracked by how difficult it is sometimes and forget to acknowledge and appreciate all of the positive that has come from all of the work that goes into healthy choices.

As I had mentioned before this phase is about pushing my body to the limits and getting to a point of failure, because of the nature of this phase I have seriously been building up some strength. Last night was the first time that I had to take a step back and get some chalk for my hands because I felt like it would definitely help me hold onto the weights. I think sometimes you just get to a point where you need a little something more than just the skin on your hands to keep the weights from slipping through your fingers. I am not entirely sure if chalk helps that situation but it sure made me feel a bit safer doing a step up with ridiculous weights in my hands.

Each week I am shocked at just how much the body can handle and how well my mind is adapting to pushing past the “I don’t want to do anymore” and getting to the “Let’s just see if I can get out one more rep”. Originally I had thought this build phase, and working towards failure would be super depressing or at the very least frustrating (and at times it is) but mostly it has been a bit of a high for me. This adventure has really opened my eyes up to what an amazing tool our bodies are and just how much we are all capable of doing.

Oh goodness this all became very mushy. I think the holidays coupled with me doing a 90lbs step up last night has me in overload mode.

What keeps you motivated and psyched at the gym or in your fitness routine?

I hope everyone had a great Monday, and have an awesome Tuesday!


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