This weekend started out with many plans upon plans, errands and visits with friends. By Saturday afternoon my body and brain had seemingly called in sick and rest was what I needed.

Although I started to feel a bit run down after a particularly hectic month of November I did get the chance to see a girlfriend and her soon to be little one’s nursery. Saturday afternoon I had the chance to go over to another friend’s house to meet their tiny new person. Unfortunately, I was too captivated by her perfectly round head and her adorable little button nose to remember to sneak a picture of her, but I am sure I will have many more chances to do that later on.

With lots of baby visits this weekend and other running around by the time 4:30 PM hit Saturday I was ready to take a nap. The husband and I ended up returning home and watching some Christmas movies, which I promptly passed in and out of consciousness during.

Saturday also consisted of picking out our Christmas tree, and making four massive lasagna’s. I could only get three of them in the photo.

Sunday before heading over to the Winter Market (indoor farmer’s market for the month of December) I woke up nice and early to decorate our Christmas tree.


This was also the first time I attended the Winter Market.  A girlfriend and I meet up and went over to the market together.  It was most of the regular Farmer’s Market vendors plus some extra bakeries, and crafter style vendors.  It was such a pleasure.  It was really nice to be getting my food from actual farmers again, and it was really nice to be inside away from the cold weather.

After last week and having to go to the regular grocery store I definitely did some stocking up, especially on things like carrots they just don’t taste the same even if you get the organic ones.  And I went for a new purchase, I decided after a summer of seeing the Yak booth it was time to see what it was all about, after a nice discussion with the vendor I bought a pound of ground yak.  Once I get around to cooking I will let you all know how it goes, apparently it is a very lean meat so we will see.  interested to see how that turns out.

All in all this weekend was fairly wonderful, and I definitely caught up on some much needed relaxation.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends also.  Happy Monday! 


2 thoughts on “Summarized

    • Oh goodness yes we froze them, I couldn’t even imagine trying to eat that much lasagna all at once. You can definitely cook it from frozen.

      I am probably going to be highlighting the lasagna recipe this week for Food Fridays, so I will be sure to put any points about cooking from frozen on there 🙂

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