Food Time Fridays

This week I didn’t really get around to cooking, baking or creating anything new. I did make a super tasty meatloaf but there is nothing fancy about that (if you are interested let me know and I can put my clean version of meat loaf up in the future).

Seeing how I didn’t get around to cooking anything new I figured I would share a recipe my husband and I tried the other day. For what feels like forever I have been attempting to create the perfect crispy baked sweet potato fry, and it just never seems to work. They always end up on the mushy side or too oily or just not right in some way. But yesterday we did it (or rather he did it, but I helped by finding the recipe).
sweet potato chicken CollageWe made two things that will definitely make their way back into our life on a semi regular basis. We made a super easy to whip together Dijon maple baked chicken breast, and super tasty and crispy sweet potato fries. The theme here for us was what food do we have at home, and how do we use up the rest of our fresh rosemary.

The only twists were that we used organic local maple syrup, not only because it tastes the best but I like my syrup as pure as you can get it, and for the fries we didn’t make the dipping sauce, we already had some Frank’s Redhot buffalo sauce so we took the easy way out and went with that. The chicken was extremely delicious and moist and so easy to make. The only thing is I didn’t feel like you could really taste the maple flavour so I might cut back on the mustard a bit in the future.

Besides discovering new delicious food, I rediscovered Yin yoga. Lately I have been trying to open my mind up to different yoga styles to get myself out of my comfort zone of Hatha. Although I completely love my Hatha practice I figured it would be a good idea to test out other styles of yoga to see if there is anything else out there that I might also love, and with winter definitely being here (-19 this morning…gross) I am becoming more open minded to warm and hot practices.

As a I am so happy it is Friday, here is a little gem of a present for you. I was at yoga WAY too early yesterday so I had a little photo shoot. I hope you all enjoy.
photo shoot
Happy FRIDAY!!!!

PS. I have updated the Supper and Breakfast food pages.


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