It’s Official

It is official; Mondays are my hardest ever day in the gym.  It is something about weighted step ups, followed by push-ups, squats and dead-lifts that somehow totally drains my life force.  Then 20 minutes later the weirdest thing happens, it is like my energy levels kick it into high gear, and I am like a kid that found a “pay what you can” all you can eat candy store.  I am basically bouncing off the walls like a crazy person, and then yes the inevitable happens I crash.  I think the crashing has less to do with getting my behind handed to me at the gym, and more to do with being awake at 5AM every day, regardless it is an energy roller-coaster I have come to love.

Besides sharing with everyone my hyperactive routine after any form of physical activity (well maybe not yoga so much) yesterday’s session was great.  My “homework” from last week was to go over my own progress and to analyze how I thought things were going with my wonderful trainer Alannah.   I had the opportunity to look back and remember what my initial goal was coming into all of this (strength, weight, and education) and to look at barriers/challenges I had been having and might have over the holidays.
christmas treeThe holidays are always so challenging, we want to eat, drink and be merry and I for one often find it difficult to find some type of healthy medium in there.  So I found addressing this question early was a good thing, because let’s be honest it is December in less than a week and holiday festivities will start soon afterwards. Starting to think of my plan of action now and build on it as the holidays get closer will help to keep me honest with myself and with my indulgences.

For me the following are some things that I think will help to keep me honest leading up to and during the holiday season:

  1. Have a solid workout plan.  Something I can do while traveling, find a yoga studio, bring at home workouts, etc.
  2. Keep some choice food items on hand, if I have the option of something healthy readily available I will be less tempted to pick something unhealthy because I already put the effort in.
  3. Be mindful of my indulgences.  Too often I can get over excited about holiday food and want to eat it all in mass quantities.  Being mindful of what treats I REALLY want to eat will help me make better choices.

What are some tricks that you have up your sleeve to “stay on track” during the upcoming holiday session?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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