Let’s Recap

So this past weekend was the last insane weekend of November (mostly because it was also the last weekend in November to be insane), and I can’t tell you how excited I am for some relaxation and the pace to slow a little bit. This month has been great with family celebrations , visits with family, parties and learning but I am ready for just a bit of relaxation.

Several months ago my exercise buddy brought a Canfit Pro about nutrition to my attention. After some initial humming and hawing over how busy my November already was as well as the cost of the course,  I eventually decided that it would be a great thing to take. It could only add to the health journey I am on and I was sure it would teach me something new.

The course was pretty interesting. It was definitely a huge motivator to be in a room of fitness professionals; hear about what they eat, healthy combinations they suggest and the teacher was super knowledgeable  There was some stuff that I didn’t so much agree with, while there was also some stuff that made sense to me. I took a lot out of it, and now I have a lot of studying to do for my exam, but the course all in all was pretty worth it.
outdoors Weekly goals, so last week I kinda skipped the weekly goals but by the time I started thinking of it it was Wednesday so I figured it would be okay to let it go. Anyways here is a little recap on how I have been doing.

1. Eating clean: eating clean has been going pretty awesome, it probably sticks about 80% of the time (yesterday I went a little nuts on my After Eight consumption). No dairy for 2 weeks was both a success and a failure. Dairy was drastically reduced (success), I went 8 days no dairy and then one evening I came home starving and before I thought about what I was doing I had eaten pizza (failure). But I figure slip ups here and there are all a part of the struggle journey.
2. Yoga: I have gotten pretty solid on making sure to practice yoga at least 2 times a week, the introduction of some DVD’s has made it less likely for me to skip, but I have still yet to get to 3 times a week, which to be honest is a little frustrating.   Seeing I haven’t “met” this goal yet I will be leaving it on my weekly goal list.
3. Running: I totally rocked this goal! My exercise buddy and I finished our app off in record time, and actually ahead of the schedule we had initially set out for ourselves.
4. Sleeping: I am proud to say I rocked at this one too.  I think it was a good goal to put on the weekly list just to remind myself that even during hectic days, weeks, months that it is so important to get enough sleep. I actually think making sure to get 8-9 hours of sleep is what saved me the last two weeks.

So now in the spirit of building on my successes as well as my not so successful attempts here is this weeks edition of my weekly goals.
Happy Monday and  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

What are you goals for this week?


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