Building It up

As I had mentioned earlier this week I have entered the next phase of my exercise program, the build phase, I just finished up the second day and I am not sure if I am stoked, determined or terrified of what there is to come. I guess it is probably more of a mixture of all of these emotions rather than just one of them.

I am stoked on finding out what my limits actually are and then pushing them a little bit, I am terrified that working to my limits may be slightly discouraging and as ridiculous as I know it is I am a nervous about getting crazy bulked up. I know, I know, not possible I am a woman not a beast, so even if I workout like a beast I am still a lady and won’t bulk up like a man, but still with the weights I am cranking out I can’t help but let a little head troll tell me I am going to look like a man. So to calm my nerves I am going to conduct a little experiment here is a picture of my “guns”, I will check back in a month and see what new developments we have. I am assuming I will have some more definition but not much more bulk.


Besides being concerned about literally turning into the hulk and becoming discouraged at always hitting my limit, I am excited for the new challenge, and the reasonable side of me says that it is all good, and it will be fun to find out what is on the other side of my current limits.

So far some of the highlights in this journey are:

  1. I have way less of a desire to quit, when Alannah asks me if I can get one more out I give it my best to get that one or two more.
  2. I have started holding myself to higher standards, not only for fitness but for how I am fuelling my body, and how I think of myself.
  3. My knee pain has DRASTICALLY reduced, it is actually amazing how big of an improvement there is, don’t get me wrong it still hurts just not nearly as much. I mean I knew I had weak butt muscles, but  I had no idea how much it would help with my running to develop them.
  4. My stability is off the chains! It is totally crazy; when I first started I almost needed to hold onto a wall to perform an anterior reach, without falling over, now I am so close to getting through 10 reps without having to place both feet on the ground. (Trust me it looks way easier than it actually is…well for me at least).
  5. I am more conscious of what is happening in my body.  With someone (Alannah) looking over me and always making sure I am alright, it has made me listen to my body a bit more, and look for queues to let me know how my body is doing. Sounds simple but I am more of a “just push through” kinda gal and lean towards the “ignore that sharp pain” mind set so learning this has been pretty challenging.

So we will see how all of this pans out, and in a month time I will report back to everyone with an update on how my guns are looking.

Happy Thursday!!!  If you are in the Ottawa area get outside if you have a chance, at a project 11 degree day I will definitely be hitting the pavement instead of the treadmill. 


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