To the Next Level

For the past couple days now I have had the pleasure of being the host to a beautiful head ache. Although it has been a pleasure I would be more than happy for my guest to leave. Yesterday in an attempt to help calm my head I attended my regularly schedule personal training session with Alannah, and it actually helped for a bit, but unfortunately by the end of the evening the adrenaline had worn off and the head ache was back.

Enough about the head ache. At my training session yesterday I received some pretty exciting news. I found out I was moving up to the next stage, so now I am the build phase!
I know I have said this before but this was quiet a challenging session. By the end of it I was definitely thinking of anything other than my head, like my jello arms, legs, stomach and general whole body kind of area. I am super stoked to be moving into the next phase and find out what else is in store for me. Over the past couple of weeks I have definitely started to notice some awesome changes in my body. My shoulders are starting to look more sculpted, my stomach is shrinking, and I am definitely loving flashing my guns all over town.

The most challenging part to date has been getting my eating back in order, and reducing my complex carb intake in the evening but it wouldn’t be a journey if there weren’t some obstacles and challenges to deal with.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

Tomorrow I will have a fun American Thanksgiving style recipe to share, so stay tuned.


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