Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was another exciting one, it was our 6th annual Feast!  Every year our large group of friends gets together for some early holiday cheer.   This year was a record for people in attendance and pounds of turkey.  This year we cooked two full turkeys totaling 40 lbs.
pre-cooking turkeyMy husband and I take care of the turkey and everyone pitches in and pick a dish to bring and share with everyone.   It is always such a delicious time, and it is always so fun to find out how talented all of our friends are.   Not only is it a day filled with friends and food, each feast has a theme…this year’s theme was a holiday PJ party and everyone looked fantastic!
feast collage

Our Sunday was spent with some tidying up and some well deserved rest.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Monday everyone. 


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