One More Day Till the Weekend…

So this past week (heck couple of weeks) has been super hectic.   So unfortunately I am totally unprepared for the day’s post.  I attempted a stew and although it tastes good it isn’t much of a stew, it is more of a soup, I strongly contemplated sharing it with you as a soup but that just wouldn’t have been fair.

So today instead I am going to share my enthusiasm over accomplishing one of my larger goals!!! My exercise buddy and I finished our second running app.  After totally murdering the Couch to 5k app we had decided that we would start a Couch to 10k. Seeing we had already done some training to run 5k we found a comfortable place in the middle of the app to get started.  Our first run as I remember it was a little intense, we may have bit off more than we were ready to chew that day but instead of getting discourage we became more determined and pushed through to the end.
UntitledThis morning (it was really early) marked our last run of our 10k app, and it was the perfect day to do so considering it is really starting to get cold out there, it is definitely time to move the workouts indoors.  Three and a half month ago I was dealing with major knee issues and starting to run again, and now my exercise partner and I are banging out 8 and 10k runs like no ones business.

Now that we are forced indoors we have decided to work on speed so that come the summer we are running around the city like the Road Runner!!! I will keep everyone posted on how tempo training goes.

What goals have you set for yourself and smashed lately?

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!! I promise I will have food for you next week. 


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