It is so great to be pumped about working out again. After a much too long stint of the “I don’t feel like its” I am starting to feel like I am back on track.

I think there are a couple of factors that have played into my renewed sense of motivation and commitment there are two that really stick out to me.   One of the main reasons for me is that I have started to eat meat on a regular basis again. After about two or three months of my weekday vegetarianism efforts I started noticing some issues. I started getting cloudy brain, it was harder to focus, and near the end I started experiencing dizzy spells, which was the biggest indicator. I also started to crave meat which is not something I have ever craved before in my life.

After all of these little warning signs from my body I decided I should probably attempt to incorporate meat back into my diet. I have by no means gone all free radical and started chowing down on beef when and where ever I can and I am still very conscience of loading up on vegetables I just don’t think my body was a fan of meat once a week. I probably still won’t go crazy with the meat (to be honest it isn’t one of my favourite food groups) and I will do my best to stick to locally raised, organic or humanely raised and sustainable meats.  All this to say, after a week and a half of reintroducing meat back into my regular weekly diet I have noticed a big difference for me. I no longer have brain fog (what a weird term), no more dizzies, and so much energy. So for me this seems to be the balance that works, especially with all the physical stress (running, training, yoga) I have been putting my body through lately.

Although more energy and clarity have definitely contributed to my motivation I think the big one is I am totally starting to see some change. Some more toning in my arm, I am getting my runners legs back and it doesn’t hurt that some clothing is starting to fit again.  As I said before I really haven’t lost much weight, but seeing small changes and getting to see my muscle definition a little bit more every time I pick something up is a HUGE motivator for me.   Seeing results is huge, once you get a taste of the progress you are making, for me at least, it is really hard to talk myself out of a workout or a run or a yoga class.  Once I start seeing results I get so ampt to continue and push harder because it seems like my big body goals are insight.

high fiveSo far this whole journey in health and fitness has been just absolutely amazing! What I first thought would be about physical appearance and physical health has turned into much more of a whole person experiment/ learning session.  Blerg…enough with the mushy, this past week my sister was up for a visit for my Mom’s birthday and luck for me she was able to come to the gym with me one day and take some pictures!   I realized that I rarely have any pictures of me in action, and if I do let’s be honest it is normally my feet (this will probably continue).  So she came with me to the gym, she took a yoga class while I was working out, and then snapped some shots of me at the end of my workout.  It was really interesting for me to see myself working out, and see how intense Alannah’s face is (in a good way of course – she is clearly monitoring everything I am doing).
Day 3 collage

Buds those are 20lbs weights! I know it probably isn’t a ton on the scale of weights but for me coming from hardly being able to do curls with a 5 pound weights, it is a massive jump up!

What motivates you and keeps you going?

Happy THURSDAY!!!! I am so excited it is almost the weekend! Slight more than normal this week! 

disclaimer: I don’t advocate any specific life style (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, meat eating…etc) I simply advocate a healthy balanced life style that works for you and your body type.


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