Goal Recap

So for the past little while as a part of my exercise homework I have been setting weekly goals for myself and then monitoring how I think I have been doing on them. I will be honest at first I thought this task was nearly impossible. I was having a hard time thinking up one goal, let alone 4 or 5 for such a small period of time, I mean one week, that is only 7 days how are you supposed to accomplish anything during that time. Well that is what I thought initially. After speaking with Alannah and finding out that my goal could be anything, from reading, to drinking water, to going for runs X number of times, thinking up and setting weekly goals became less of a challenge.

weekly goals

With her instruction I started by setting myself a handful of goals, some I attained some I didn’t, but it was all part of a balancing act. Getting better at setting my goals I decided to share them, and make little pictures of them (see above) so that I could save them as the back drop on my phone for a constant reminder of what I was working towards. I have now been recording and working towards weekly goals for going on four weeks, and it has been an interesting process.

Last week my goals included the following:

Finish reading my book – which I did finally finish.

  1. Eat clean and rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how well I thought I had done each day – This one went alright…it could have been better but I always think there is some space for improvement. The one thing this goal did was make me think about what food I was putting in my mouth, and it helped to get me back on track with a more planned out healthier style of eating.
  2. Go to yoga 3 times – I went twice, I know it isn’t three times but I am not beating myself up for this one with as hectic as my week was last week I am proud of myself for still making it to yoga even though I had company.
  3. Go on 3 runs – Once again I only made it out twice. The runs were much longer than I had anticipated and my knees weren’t the happiest campers by the end of the week. Although I went on two runs I did still manage to keep my average of 20 km so I am happy with this one too.

This week my goals will resemble the same basic stuff with some tweaks to help work them into my day to day life, which to be honest is a little crazy right now. It helps me to repeat some goals until I feel like I am at a point where attaining those goals on a weekly basis is more of a habit then a goal.


Through this weekly exercise of writing down what I want to achieve I have learn how important it is to make your goals attainable, to start off small and build on success, and to encourage yourself for any effort no matter how small. Finding a balance between constantly pushing myself and compassion, learning the balance is what has helped me to learn what an attainable goal is for me. It has and continues to be a pretty interesting experiment in self-learning. I would strongly recommend trying it out for yourself, I find the trick is to make sure the goals are somewhere you will see all the time, the background of my phone works best for me because that thing is attached to my hand.

How do you motivate yourself?

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Happy Tuesday!


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