Testing the Waters

The rain has stopped and the wind has died down and my Exercise Buddy and myself were finally able to get back outside to go on a run. It is much more frigid outside but running on a treadmill for over an hour is so monotonous. So hit the pavement and completed 10.75km, which felt great.
running pathAfter a bit longer of a run then I have been doing lately I decided that it was time to try something new. To go against my natural urges and decided to explore in my yoga practice a bit. I figured a good start would be looking for a slower, more stretching based yoga class, especially after such a long run. Instead of going for my first choice of Hatha, Hatha Flow or Power I signed up for a Kundalini class. I figured to date my yoga experiments have worked out well, so why not give this a go;

  • Yin wasn’t bad and provided a great stretch and seriously exercised my patiences – longer poses meant accepting the sensations longer.
  • Ashtanga was always a delight forcing me into more challenging poses with each class, and
  • Hot classes, although I am not a huge fan of the temperature, always provided a nice challenge.

I showed up to class and noted that it was a small class (four of us to be exact) which is sometimes refreshing,it is nice to get a bit more space and just a tad bit more attention from the instructor. Before the class began the instructor stopped by to find out that it was my first Kundalini class and was so sweet in explaining what the next 90 minutes were going to resemble; some chanting, some meditating, focusing inward (she actually explained it as “mind yoga”) and said that our class would be focusing on “balancing the positive mind” something I was in serious need of.
morning inspirationThe class started off with some chanting, followed by setting an intention, and then moved into shaking out the day and getting into it. All in all the class was pretty interesting, it definitely was not at all what I had thought it would be, and I am still undecided as to whether or not I would go back. On the way out of the class I remember thinking “well that was a bit weird” but for all its weirdness I was feeling much more calm minded, and centred, so something must have worked. For anyone interested in a Kundalini class but has never tried one, I would recommend it, but with the precursor that it will be unlike any yoga class you have ever tried.

Weekly Goal Update: I finished my book! and it was amazing (My Year with Eleanor if anyone was interested). And on a scale of 1-10 on yesterday’s clean eating scale I would have given myself an 8, I had 6 servings of fruits and veggies, and besides the probably large amounts of oil in my restaurant meal and my glass of wine I feel I did great and that I am starting to get back on track.

Happy Wednesday everyone!! We are almost there the weekend has almost arrived.


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