A Minor Slump

Yesterday I had a weigh in, I believe I lost a total of two pounds, 0.2% body fat and somewhere around 1 to 1.5inches in total. Not as awesome as I had hoped it would be, but Alannah and I had the opportunity to have a nice discussion about what could possibly be going on, and what steps I could take to see more results in the future. These steps definitely align with my weekly goals so as long as I can stick to them I think I am on a good path to success.

Keeping with my goals I figured I would report on what I rated my eating yesterday. In the way of clean and healthy eating I would rate myself about a 7. I managed to get in 5 full servings of fruits and veggies, and besides a couple cookies for dessert and some cream cheese earlier on in the day I believe I did pretty awesome on day one of my weekly goals! It is always encouraging to have a positive start.
Friends-Dont-Let-Friends-Skip-Leg-Day-Gym-TopYesterday was leg day at Epic. Probably my least favourite of days, which is extremely strange because I consider my legs super strong, or at least I like to think they are. It is probably my least favourite because I often find it to be the most challenging day, combining a lot of challenging moves, I’m looking at you recline pull. Although leg day is often the most challenging day yesterday felt particularly impossible. Things at work have been particularly stressful as of late, and I think it is getting to me. I have just been feeling worn out, and even after my workouts I don’t have the same kind of bouncing off the walls energy I would normally have. Luckily this weekend is a long weekend for me so I am hoping the additional time away from work will give me the chance to repair and relax for everything that has been going on, getting back to my overly energetic post workout self. I think the proper combination of rest and clean eating will help get me back to myself in no time.

When you are in a bit of a funk what do you do to get yourself back to “normal”?

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!


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