Weekend Round Up

This weekend marked the beginning of a busy November. This month will be a little hectic with family, birthdays, festive parties and some good old fashioned learning.

This weekend my husband and I had the chance to spend some time with his parents. They live several hours away so it is always a treat to have them stay with us for some visits. The men get to spend time together play some cards and check out museums, while us ladies have the opportunity to go out and do a little shopping.

I even had the opportunity to bring my mother in-law to the farmers market and we all know how excited I get about sharing that experience. The only sad part about the farmers market is that there are only another 3 weeks of the market and about half of the venders have closed up shop for the season. Although the market wasn’t as bountiful as it was a month ago there is still enough to get the majority of my groceries done for the week.

After a fun weekend, my husband and I decided that the best use of our Sunday would be to finish off our groceries and then to relax with some of our favourite movies.  Seeing this month is hectic and my weekends are pretty booked up for the next little while I jumped at the opportunity to sit on my butt and watch movies for a day.


During our lounging around I had the time to reflect on my goals from last week. Most of my goals I feel I put in a pretty decent effort.  But I still don’t think I would say I accomplished them for the week. I still have about 30 pages left in my book, I could have eaten much cleaner towards the end of the week, and due to some knee stiffness I did skip 1 run. But on the positive side of things, I read much more than I would have, I completed and committed to working out 6 days last week including a yoga class, and I was honest enough to see that my eating could have been more planned out. So there are some things to strive for this week. So in the spirit of remaining on course and striving for new levels here is my list of goals for this week.
weekly goals


Keeping with goal #2 I will do my best to post up how I think I ate for the day when I do a blog post.  It will help to keep me honest and keep me on course to do a little better with this week’s set of goals.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and happy Monday! 


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