Just Try

At the end of last week I formed the opinion that arm day was easy and therefore I loved arm day. Well last night I found out that arm day can be super tough and at times feel totally challenging, nay impossible.

Last week being my first week of conditioning there was still a little experimenting with weight to see just how heavy I could lift and well I went on the assumption that weight we landed on last week would be the same as the weight used this week.   Apparently as it turns out that isn’t so much the case.

armThis week push day/ arm day ended up being totally nutters, in the best possible way of course.  I rounded it down to two things I learnt, I learnt that:

  1. I was able to lift more for most exercises, and;
  2. I found my end point.

Let’s start off with number two.  “End point”, what in the heck does that mean, no it doesn’t mean I wanted to give up and never go back to the gym, it doesn’t mean I was miserable, quite the opposite actually.  I was able to reach a point where I was physically incapable of lifting my arms for those last couple reps, which by the way is a very interesting feeling if you have yet to have the pleasure of reaching that point.  Your brain is saying “crush this, just blow it out of the water” and your arms are saying “it just isn’t going to happen get a lighter weight for the last five”.  So although I was unable at one point to complete a full set at a heavier weight reaching this point is what lead me to learn number one.

I can lift more weight than I thought.  I have always been under the impression that I have the weakest set of gangly stick arms around as it turns out those gangle sticks are so much stronger than I thought.  I mean doing a lateral raise with a 20lbs weight was never something I thought I would be remotely capable of doing, I mean normally I would stick to my 5lbs weight range or maybe if I was feeling a little daring heading on up to 8lbs.   Although, my arms are more than likely going to be screaming at me later I am so proud of myself for at least giving it a try, yes Alannah told me to do it but I could have pushed back and whined and complained but mostly I am happy that I believed that she believed that I could do it, in the end I was pleasantly surprised.

So just because I just tried it out, put my toe into the water so to speak,  I had the opportunity to find out that I am made up of so much more than I had originally thought.  Even though the past week was a complete struggle for me motivation wise, it is moments like this that I do my best to hold onto so that when I just “don’t wanna” I can think back at this moment and remember it happened because I put the effort in when I really had no desire to do so.

Just try something you have never done, or never thought you could do, you will probably surprise yourself!

Happy Thursday and Happy November everyone!


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