I am the HULK

So this week is my second of conditioning, after a particularly rough week, in the way of motivation, last week I was hesitant and hopeful for the coming week. With the weather not being the greatest due to cast off from Hurricane Sandy, combined with the darkness that is fall my motivation for working out has been at an all time low.   Before we get into how awesome my workout was last night let’s take a minute to talk about motivation.

What a tricky thing the M word is.  It is something we are full of when we start the whole health and fitness journey then it is something you, or at least I, seem to struggle with once the journey really gets going.  Stress at work, cold weather, dark mornings and darker evenings, catching a cold and sometimes just plain laziness all seem to contribute to throw a wrench into carefully planned out motivational strategies.  Regardless of the reason, when your enthusiasm for your journey starts to fade is when it really gets started.

It is when things feel impossible when it seems most important to hone in on your reason for this journey and to really remember what you are trying to achieve. I truly feel that it is this internal struggle that makes the journey. It is ignoring/ shutting down the devil on your shoulder saying it would be more fun to watch TV and eat chips than it would be to go on a 10k run or to a 90minute yoga class that really forms how your journey will be.

Lola lazy

It is during these tough times that there are a couple of tricks I use to make sure I keep actively participating in my journey.  I do things like:

  1. Rely on my support network I can’t not say enough good things about having a workout partner!
  2. Make dates to meet people at the gym or yoga studio so I can’t back out and cheat myself out of a good workout/stretch.
  3. Remind myself how amazing I will feel once it is over.

I know it all sounds so simple but it has taken me years to figure out a strategy that works for me.  It has been very important for me to have people who believe in me and who are willing to tell me to suck it up and put on my running shoes when they know I need to hear it. Although the journey of health and fitness is a personal one, I feel it is one that is better achieved with love and support  and it has been in learning this that I have been able to re-find my motivation time and time again.

I am reflecting on motivation because last week I was not interested in participating in a single one of my workouts last week.  It was dark, cold and rainy and I was stressed out so I just wanted to hide out.   It all felt like such a chore, but this week I couldn’t be more proud of myself and satisfied with my choice to stick to my plan.  I am starting to see definite progress in my strength levels (I deadlifted 50 pounds last night!! HULK), and I am feeling more and more like a beast (in the most positive sense). I know that had I had skipped my workouts last week I wouldn’t be beaming with the same pride I am now.

My take away from all of this is that even though last week felt like I was manually pulling my teeth out one by one it was all worth it to have the satisfaction I am feeling for having over come my very demotivational week.

Do you have a support system? How do you pull yourself through periods of little to no motivation?

Happy Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “I am the HULK

  1. good for you brittany! sean is my support system because he likes to workout too… so if i want to keep up with him, i have to keep exercising! 🙂 also, i like to look at it as having it all.. for example, i would not choose to go for a 10km run over watching a movie and eating chips, but rather i would say to myself “after your run, you can watch a movie and eat chips” haha… not everytime, but the times when all i really want to do is watch TV and eat, i say to myself, i will at LEAST get the run in first haha… you are doing great and looking even better xo

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