Weekend Round Up….

This past weekend was a fairly uneventful one, it was mostly made up of cleaning, outdoors time, the farmers market and a lot of lazing around. After a particularly hectic week I had been pretty excited to do little to nothing this past weekend.

The weekend started off with my regular Friday session at Epic Fitness, followed by some yoga Saturday morning, which by the way was just as challenging as it had been the previous week, followed by some good old fashioned brunch, and girl time. I also managed to sneak in testing out a new Pinterest recipe and decorating for Halloween.


As is my weekend tradition I attended the farmers market on Sunday to pick up groceries for the week, and found out it was the last week for some of my favourite vendors, I’m looking at you egg guy, which made me a little sad. This time of year is always a little sad when you see fewer and fewer stands foreshadowing the end of the farmers market for the next 6 months, but I comfort myself in knowing that there are still another couple of weeks before it is over for good.

Besides minimal running around, and some friend hangouts, this weekend gave me the time to be a little lazy and it also gave me a chance to reflect on possible goals for the upcoming week. Seeing how the weekend gave me time to think about my goals for the upcoming week I figured I would share. I normally don’t make weekly goals but it is part of my training homework and it has been an interesting exercise. Taking the time to think of weekly goals has forced me to be more active and less passive about the way thing unroll in my life. I am obviously not changing the world right now, but baby steps right.



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