Wonderful Weekend Round Up

I am so sad this weekend is over. It was one of those lovely weekends filled with lots of friends, tasty food, good movies, exercise and great company. It was perfectly paced and the greatest balance of relaxing and spending time with friends.

I finally did it, I finally made it back into a yoga class for what was some much needed stretching. With all the running and strength training I have been doing my at home yoga DVDs were not cutting it. Saturday morning’s class was a huge eye opener at how much I had been neglecting yoga, I was so stiff and my flexibility was a fraction of what it was only 6 months ago. Committed to getting back into my practice I sucked it up and forked over the money for a membership because it was obvious that I had been cheating myself with my at home practice.

yoga CollageThis weekend was also my close friend Rachelle’s baby shower. Her mother and sister definitely put a great deal of planning into the event and everything was just beautiful. The house was decorated in many shades of pink with fun dishes of various pink candies scattered around the house, and an adorable onesie crafting station was set up for guests. It was great to see so much love and excitement in one room for her and seeing gifts of miniature shoes didn’t hurt either.

baby cake

After so much excitement I was definitely ready to mellow out for the rest of the evening, watch some documentaries and get my nerd on. Netflix doesn’t always have the greatest selection of viewing material but they definitely have a plethora of documentaries. I started out learning about dogs (what incredible creatures they are) and wrapped it up with what turned out to be a pretty hilarious documentary on male grooming (the documentary was called Mansome it is definitely worth checking out), this was a great way to come down for a pretty busy day.

Then it was Sunday’s turn, I have come to love my Sundays. They start out with a nice long run around the Ottawa River, and are followed by some farmer’s market shopping, and coffee. It makes me a little sad that there is less than a month left of the farmer’s market, and soon there will be snow on the ground which will definitely discourage me from running outside so that means treadmill city. Even though this time of year marks the end of the farmer’s market and the end of outdoor running (-22 degrees or -7.6 fahrenheit for my american friends, weather and I don’t so much agree) the change in colour makes for a beautiful run so I often forgive the season.

fall coloursAfter the morning 8k run, my running partner and I headed over to the farmer’s market where I found the most wonderful treat. For the past couple of weeks I have been craving corn syrup based candies like no ones business. Mainly some Sour Patch Kids because I have seen them basically everywhere I go for the past month, thank you Halloween. So I bought some dehydrated McIntosh apple slices and goodness they are heaven. They are the perfect amount of a chewy with some tartness and they totally satisfied my sweets craving without pumping my body full of high fructose corn syrup, everyone wins!

apple slices

After a wonderful Sunday afternoon the weekend came to an end. Now it is Monday which is always a bit of a drag, but the week has to go on and it is always nice to start the morning off with delightful little messages from my tea.

image (8)

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had an amazing weekend.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend Round Up

  1. sounds like a super great weekend Britt! I highly recommend you keep running outside in the winter… it is Sean’s favourite time to run outside… and the rosy cheeks will last all weekend… nice winter run + coffee = extremely rewarding… plus a great excuse to buy cute running outfits 😉

    PS- I laughed out loud at “get my nerd on” haha… you are a nerd! 😉 xo

    • I have done winter running before, my knees are not huge fans of it which is why I don’t run outside once the snow falls. But it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be before I tried it.

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