I just want you to be HAPPY

So this week I wrapped up my postural assessments and learning portion of my training (not that I will stop learning, but like the main section of learning I guess), and next week I begin my conditioning. Which sounds so ominous, but once broken down sounds more exciting than terrifying, al least I hope it turns out that way.

This past week I did each and every one of my training sessions feeling under the weather, I mean my health definitely started to boost up towards the end of the week, but that didn’t stop me from sweating like a totally beast. See normally I don’t sweat like a man, not that I have a problem with this it actually makes me feel tough, which is probably why I am harping on the amount of perspiration I was doing but I digress.

Besides being ampt to start the next phase of my training and see exactly what that is about, I have been very interested in my little homework assignments. This past week my assignment was to write down some goals (3-5) and explain how I was going to achieve these goals. Then once they were decided to post them somewhere I would see them every day to remind myself what I was striving for.

This homework was especially challenging for me. I figured I had to focus on fitness, health and exercise, and to be honest all I could come up with was: Run faster, and Sleep more. And even then I was thinking “does sleeping actually count as a goal?”, after not being able to come up with anything else I quickly decided that “yes, sleeping does count as a goal”.

Feeling a little defeating, I mean it is just setting some goals why was I finding it so hard, I conceded and went and spoke with Alannah. I told her I was struggling to decide/find goals that I thought would be both challenging and would help to improve myself in the way of health and fitness. This is when she explained to me that it wasn’t all about health and fitness, it was basically about life, what type of goals did I have for myself, or what type of goals would help me get to the self that I want to be. So basically it could put down any goal; learning, reading, writing, running, sleeping, eating…anything. And then she said “I just want you to be happy”, which reminded me that this journey wasn’t only about training my body but it was about training my mind, and teaching myself to focus in on the things that mattered as opposed to focusing in on the negative.

After this little talk it became much easier to write down some more goals for my life. Just little ones for now, something attainable and manageable. Knowing that this process isn’t just about sculpting a new physic but also, hopefully, a new mind set gave me an extra boost of motivation to keep going.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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