Weekend Round Up

This past weekend slowed down a bit from the past couple of weekends I have had, which was nice.  It was nice to have a bit more downtime to get some cleaning and food prep wrapped up before the week starts.

This weekend I spent some time making some vegetable stock, preparing some ratatouille for a meal later on this week, bought some new shoes for the gym, and then the usual suspects of running, gym and farmers market. It was all pretty fantastic.

UntitledIt made the house smell so delicious.

UntitledI bought the white and purple ones…they are so amazingly comfortable.

Unfortunately I woke up Sunday not feeling so hot.  My husband had been sick this past week so I wasn’t all that surprised to find out I might be coming down with something.  Although it wasn’t much of a surprise it was definitely a disappointment to be feeling a little stuffed up. Then it happened I woke up this morning feeling as though someone had stuffed socks into my sinuses, it is absolutely wretched.  So today will be spent pumping myself full of vitamins and oranges in the hopes of feeling better asap.

I am lucky enough to have this little lady taking care of me for the time being.


Happy Monday…hope you are all doing better than me. 



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