It Hurts so Good

So as it turns out my fear of this training jazz starting off slower was totally unfounded. After doing almost an hour of squats on Friday and some of the craziest arm stuff Saturday, and all this just to learn proper form, my whole body seems to be raging.

Learning proper form is somewhat nerve wrecking because basically you are being corrected at every turn, which don’t get me wrong is a good thing I mean I want to be doing it right, but it does put some pressure on you to get it right. It also opened my eyes up to years of bad form. Apparently for years now I have been doing squats wrong and feeling it in all the wrong places. It is amazing how a couple tweaks in posture can make a whole new set of muscles scream, you know in that “it hurts so good” type of way.
All of that to say that my arms, back, and butt are all highly aware that they exist and I am pretty proud of myself right now for still being excited to go back for more! It is strange how the muscle aches are extremely encouraging.

Hope everyone is having a happy and cozy Sunday! Off to the farmers market for me.


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