Weekend Round Up

Oh goodness I love long weekends. It is so nice to know that once Sunday comes I still get to relax for one more day. This weekend has been awesome lots of running, lots of friends, and lots of delicious food.

I started this weekend off with a nice quick run Saturday morning, followed by a personal training session. After some physical activity it was time to get some shopping done seeing I needed a couple of things for around the house. While on my shopping expedition I some how ended up with a new cordless vacuum, that is probably my favourite purchase in a while, oh man that sounded nerdy.

After my day of cleaning and organizing the house I was looking forward to a packed Sunday. The morning started with a brisk freezing 8k run along the Ottawa river, and then onto the farmers market for some fresh local produce. Once I got home it was time for some supper preparation before I showered and got ready to head on over to my girlfriend’s baby shower. The shower was great, it was lovely to see so many people out to support an amazing friend, and the food was super tasty too!! I mean just check out this cake.
baby shower cakeOnce the baby shower was over it was time to get Friendsgiving started. I picked up my running buddy and we got started on prepping the stuffing and the chicken for roasting. Seeing there were only two of us we decided against getting a 12 pound bird and went with a smaller locally raised organic chicken. Seeing how we went on an 8k run in the morning we decided to try and keep things as healthy as possible. Making some lighter versions of some of our favourite holiday dishes, and they all turned out so amazing, I think the vegan pumpkin bread is going to be making its way back into my holiday baking list. It is so moist and delicious, and tastes exactly like pumpkin pie!

With a weekend so full of activities I am happy to have an extra day off to relax, watch some movies and cuddle with my kittens.

I hope everyone is have a great long weekend with friends and family! Happy Monday

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